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  • SignPainterGuy

    I read down to when PETA was mentioned by name; I skimmed from there on looking for any mention of actual harm done or if the manatee showed any signs of stress, but I saw none. While PETA, like the EPA, may act with “best interests in mind”, there`s always the question of “Who`s” best interests ? We ALL know how gubmit agencies have this knack of not thinking things through !

    Swimmers / divers often hold onto porpoises for a ride and it seems the mammals enjoy it or don`t mind; is it not possible that the manatee may have enjoyed or not minded a little human interaction ? If the animal was stressed, not enjoying “playtime”, wanted to defend itself, wanted to escape – is it incapable ?

    Yes, I know, if it turned out the manatee enjoyed it, then hoards of thrill-seekers would be descending on the hapless creatures looking to ride…….and some enterprising soul would surely organize ride opportunities “for a fee”, meaning >GASP< profit. Now I see the problem ! 😉

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