Bigfoot lives!

From WCPO:

“Its looking very squatchy here!”

That’s a quote from the popular cable show called “Finding Bigfoot.” In it, a team of Sasquatch hunters comb North America looking for the elusive hairy, man-like creature. They have yet to find one.

Well, now, science may be lending a helping hand by proving that the creature actually does exist.

According to PRweb.com, a team of scientists, using samples of strange, unknown hair, found in the wild, have confirmed the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch,” living in North America.

Researchers’ extensive five-year DNA sequencing study suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately 15,000 years ago as a hybrid cross of modern Homo sapiens with an unknown primate species.

The study was conducted by a team of experts in genetics, forensics, imaging and pathology, led by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum of Nacogdoches, Texas. In response to recent interest in the study, Dr. Ketchum can confirm that her team has sequenced three complete Sasquatch nuclear genomes and determined the species is a human hybrid.

There is more science geek stuff at the link. I’ve actually watched the show ‘Finding Bigfoot’ a few times now and want to beat the tar out of them every time they say ‘Squatch’ or ‘Squatchy’.
  • http://marezilla.com/ Zilla of the Resistance

    I live near one of the places that supposedly has a Sasquatch, and I’ve seen the show. I think Bigfoot could be real, but I also hate the expressions “squatch” and “Squatchy” unless used to describe Mooch O. The crew on that bigfoot show appear to be a bunch of clowns.

  • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/ Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Squatch disappeared when the Sonics moved to Oklahoma.

  • SignPainterGuy

    I watch the show on slow nights. They talk too much when they should be quiet and listening. The show format wears me out; just at the moment that something is about to happen, they break for commercial, and of course it`s always a let down. They never find one.

    If they really wanted to find a “squatch”, they should set up IR game cameras w/ hi cap. memory cards at reputed hot spots and leave them there for weeks or months, not just overnight.

    I have as much fun following them on Google Earth; at least I get to see some interesting terrain.

    • http://marezilla.com/ Zilla of the Resistance

      You’re smarter than they are; maybe we can do our own show and set you up in my woods with your ideas!

      • SignPainterGuy

        With all the former Spec. Ops military guys who hunt deer, why have they not set up in a hot spot and waited it out and actually gotten pix ?

        The dearth of pictures while there`s a plethora of talented hunters has me scratchin` my head. Is no one serious about getting irrefutable evidence ?

        I understand the BigFoot hunters NOT wanting to expose real finds; it would bring in tourists that would trample everything PLUS they need to keep the show going – can`t have more competition started by actual evidence.

        • http://marezilla.com/ Zilla of the Resistance

          If I found one and it wasn’t threatening me or mine, I’d leave it be and keep the knowledge to myself most likely, because people are stupid and they’d do bad things to the creature I am sure.

          • SignPainterGuy

            That`s what I meant by “tourists would trample everything”.

            Locals would likely protect their BigFoots like they protect their fave fishin` holes !

            “I`ll show you where I seen him, but you gotta sign this here form that says you won`t say nuthin` about it !”

      • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/ Evi L. Bloggerlady

        Stacy should set up those cameras around his spread and see it he captures a shot of “big mouth.”

  • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/ Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • http://marezilla.com/ Zilla of the Resistance

    Every time that show comes on, I think of this blog post. I have developed a strong dislike for the guy called “Bobo” and want to throw something at the TV every time he says “Squatchy”. Also, I really can’t stand that ugly chick they have on the show. She’s useless. Why is she even there? If they think they are filling a quota for females, why does it have to be some manly looking chick who looks like she’d be happier at a Code Pinko protest? Can’t they find a more attractive woman to be send into the woods to not find Bigfoot? Those people annoy me.