From the Annals of Stephen Green, M.D.

A New Zealand man who was blinded by vodka interacting with his diabetes meds has had his sight saved with whiskey.

The fellow had tossed back a few at his parents 50th anniversary celebration. When his sight failed, he was diagnosed as having formaldehyde poisoning (from the interaction with the booze and his meds), the cure for which is ethanol. The hospital didn’t have enough on hand, so a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black was procured from a nearby liquor store.

  • SignPainterGuy

    SO, Hair of the Dog That Bit You is good for more than a hangover remedy ?

    I made signs for my town`s ABC Store and after collecting my check, the mgr. and I were telling tall tales and for some reason, he mentioned that alcohol was a necessary chemical to proper brain function; the body digests sugars and makes the alcohol that makes or aids the synapse connections. Thinking about my failing memory, difficulty remembering names especially,I asked him, “So, you`re saying I should be buying and drinking more liquor ?”

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Excellent holiday first aid advice.