• SignPainterGuy

    Yep, OPPS ! 😉

    You`d think that the owner and contractor would have made certain each understood what was desired and what would be achieved. Not always the case.

    I worked for years to get my Dad to raise our sign prices. He had become known as “the cheapest sign painter” around and it was tough to turn out enough work to support us both. I took over the biz when he became to sick to continue and immediately raised prices. People understood, but were still reluctant to pay “much” more. It came as a real surprise to me when a woman ordered a sign for a rental property that she wanted to be very intricate, expensive and time consuming for me, so I simplified it. Instead of many separate pieces, I painted everything on one board. It looked very nice and was done in about one third of the time estimated and was much cheaper. She was not pleased …… at all. She DID take the sign and it did its job (I learned later), but she never came back. Dang, you just can`t save some people money ! Go figure !

    I was so used to trying to save people money, that I didn`t recognize that sign on her forehead that said, “I`ll pay a fortune to get what I want !”

    Another lady ordered a sign saying she wanted something “New, different, like she hadn`t seen before” ! So, Dad and I put our heads together, came up with a design that was eye catching and quite pretty, with LOTS of lemon yellow. When she came to pick it up, the first thing out of her mouth was, “I never saw anything like THAT before. I don`t know if I like that or not !” Well, you said ……

    It is imperative that both Buyer and Seller understand exactly what is desired !

    I got a million of `em !