Plenty of BSC stuff to buy on Amazon…

I bet they are better than they sound.  The perfect holiday treat to explain to the kids the position that we all are in over these debt ceiling talks.

And you might know someone who needs some of these…  Either as a symbol of most voters in this country or as an alternative orientation choice.

And who doesn’t want to tattoo the baby!

And for real prankster fun, get some of these and slip them in your guest’s bags who are flying home after the holidays.   Nothing says you care more than having your friends and relatives getting a full cavity search by the TSA.  It is also a great way to test the effectiveness of airport security!

Go buy some and support a blogger like Zilla, The Other McCain, or Instapundit or any other conservative or libertarian blogger you know who is an Amazon affiliate.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Thanks, EBL! I bet my daughter would like the pickle flavored candy canes, that girl is crazy about pickles and pickled foods. She uses the word “picklicious” often.