This country is completely BSC…

Only in America:  “Why can’t we be treated the same?” he asked while sitting in his hospital room. “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity.”

I am not begrudging anyone getting a transplant they need, but health care as a human right requires someone to pay for it.  There are plenty of people who could live their lives with more dignity if they were not being overburdened with taxes (and plenty of people who would have jobs as opposed to being unemployed if the economy was working as it should).  While socialized medicine sounds good (to some people), it requires people paying enormous taxes to support it and the systems are often less effective than the one we currently have here.

If you are an illegal or undocumented alien in Europe, Canada, or Australia/NZ, I am pretty sure you will not get a free organ transplant under their respective medical systems.  And talking to Americans who have had emergency health issues while on vacation in Europe, those socialized medical providers want cash up front to treat you.  And no Latin American country I am aware of gives out free organ transplants.  

While it is hardly perfect here, no one in the USA is turned away from a hospital for emergency room treatment (and if you are illegal or indigent, you get a bill you will never pay).  If a country allows for an expansive government entitlement system, it can only fiscally work if you make everyone contribute to it who is taking benefits–it is absolutely doomed to failure if people can come in and take benefits without contributing first.  And even then, if you put in controls to prevent that, such a system does not work as well because you lose incentives for innovation and efficiency.

If I were Jorge Mariscal’s position, I would be doing whatever it took (within moral reason) to get a transplant too.  But since even kidney transplants are not that easy to get, Mr. Mariscal getting one means someone else did not.  The more you expand medical care as a right to those who cannot pay for it, the more that available medical care will be rationed because demand will outstrip supply.  While the hospital can decide to do a free transplant or not–I am less than thrilled on getting a lecture from Mr. Mariscal on equality.  To a leftist this may seem BSC, but maybe Mr. Mariscal should be saying thank you and stop giving sermons on why we owe him medical treatment.