Time to Ban Socks Full Of Crap

It’s not bad enough that over 430 people have been murdered in Chicago this year that everyone has ignored until the shooting in Newtown. Now we have crazy people assaulting unsuspecting women with socks full of crap. Literally.

Ok.. here we go.

*Gets on her borrowed Liberal style soapbox*

How many more assaults with socks full of crap do we need before we ban socks full of crap?! Wait, no… just ban the socks!Yeah, that’s it!  If they have no socks, they can’t full them with crap and assault people.
Oh wait.. then they could just throw it or use something else to put it in to pound on total strangers with. Let’s ban crap!!

oh.. err… hmmm.

*Gets off borrowed Liberal style Soapbox*
Gateway Pundit:

Police say this man is their “person of interest” in the feces attack. Anyone with information should call the Oak Park Police Department’s crime tip hotline at 708-434-1636. (NBC)

A woman riding the Blue Line in Chicago was attacked by a passenger with a sock full of human feces.

There’s more with an excerpt of a local report and picture of the guy who kind of looks like the son Obama doesn’t have. Go hit it.