Wives and Girlfriends Everywhere Can Sympathize

Seriously, men, go fart outside or put a charcoal filter in your drawers – stop the madness!

A man’s horrible disgusting gas and his wife’s attempt to use air freshener spray to neutralize the problem escalated into violence that resulted in a police “domestic disturbance” response. iOwnTheWorld.com has the story, HERE.


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  • http://impolitecanadian.blogspot.ca/ Impolite Canadian
    • http://marezilla.com/ Zilla of the Resistance

      No, no, the filters are better, because when you buy them from my Amazon link I get a small commission! And you can use them in all kinds of different underwears, instead of just having the ugly thing you posted. LOL According to the company, the Butt filters also work on pets!

      • http://impolitecanadian.blogspot.ca/ Impolite Canadian

        Well in that case, I’d like to order one….I could put it on my nose to avoid those rude Wal-Mart drive-by farters….

        • http://marezilla.com/ Zilla of the Resistance

          Then click on the ad in the post and get some! :)