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    Mrs. Hoge was amused by the Squirrel Melt cooking video.

  • SignPainterGuy

    Mmmmmmm, ssssqquuuiiirrrrrreeeeelllllllll !!!

    I love squirrels and feed them well. Except for the herd of ferrel cats, they live quite well in my neighborhood.

    About 50 miles from me, in Brevard, NC, there is a family of white, albino squirrels that has spawned an annual festival there. I have as yet never seen one though.

    While visiting my Sis in MN, I met a large grey squirrel, about the size of my local fox squirrels (nearly chihuahua size), that would lead the way along the lake trail. It would stay about 6′ or 8′ in front of me, stopping occasionally to see if I was keeping up.