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    Well it’s not really “new”; they’ve known about this one for at least a decade, it’s just that the same alphabet gov’t agencies that have conflicts of interest which causes them to suppress scientific information about tick borne illnesses, their severity, and the kinds of treatment required to treat them, are still playing games with people’s lives so that a handful of very powerful people can continue to line their own pockets at the expense of the ruined lives of the afflicted. A blog from another person who is sick like me has the scoop, here’s the link & excerpts from the post:


    … scientists identified Borrelia miyamotoi in ticks in Connecticut over a decade ago. Hold your hats; here comes the controversy: “Dr. Fish found B. miyamotoi in American ticks 10 years ago, but was repeatedly refused a study grant until the Russians proved it caused illness. “It’s been like pulling teeth,” he said. “Go ask the N.I.H. why.”

    The article goes on to say: Most medical authorities, including the
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Infectious Disease
    Society of America, take the position that “chronic Lyme disease” does
    not exist and that those victims either have other illnesses or are
    hypochondriacs. They oppose the solution demanded by some
    self-proclaimed victims: long-term intravenous antibiotics.

    According to the studies of Lyme disease versus Borrelia miyamotoi, the
    two diseases have very similar symptoms and can be difficult to
    distinguish. One interesting thing to note is that B. miyamotoi doesn’t
    cause the bulls-eye rash that Lyme disease causes. Both diseases are
    treated with antibiotics. Even with a bulls-eye rash, it can be nearly
    impossible to find a doctor who will treat you for Lyme disease. It’s
    too early to know how many people with the Lyme-like symptoms of B.
    miyamotoi were turned away because they didn’t have the bulls-eye rash
    associated with Lyme disease.

    The tests for Lyme disease are horribly inaccurate; tests for B.
    miyamotoi do not even yet exist. That means the doctors are going to
    have to start believing their patients when they come in with Lyme-like
    symptoms. That means it is time to drop the hypochondriac stigma that
    has been attached to Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

    It’s hard to read this
    about the new tick-borne illness: “We’ve known about this bacterium for a
    long time — at least 10 years,” said Sam Telford III, a professor of
    infectious disease at Tufts University in Medford, Mass., who
    co-authored the report with Berardi. “It’s been under our nose all this
    time, and a lot of us just ignored it until there was this case report.”

    Perhaps the medical community will take a lesson from B.
    miyamotoi — There is MUCH to be discovered about tick-borne diseases.
    It’s time to drop the controversy. …

    And of course this “new” tick borne disease was found in ticks from my area, but I still have to drive 100 miles round trip to see a doctor who knows what to do with people who are ticksick as the local doctors are still toeing the line of the IDSA’s big lies about Lyme and other tick borne diseases, the bastards. At least a half a dozen times I have been sickened after removing embedded ticks from my skin, but either denied treatment because they said that you need to wait for a rash (not true) or given just a few weeks of antibiotics and then told that I could not possibly still be sick even though I was. And then for well over a decade, despite my having been bitten and infected repeatedly, they kept saying that my problems could not possibly be related to tick borne disease, an active infection, and I was given immune suppressing drugs which made it worse, had steroids injected into my spine which made it worse, and put on anti-depressents and anti seizure medications even though I wasn’t depressed and don’t have seizures and made to suffer horrible side effects from those drugs as the diseases continued to invade my entire body and my brain, getting into places that regular medicine simply cannot reach. And I am but one of tens of thousands of people who have had this done to them. Once the infections have time to proliferate and embed themselves deeply into the victim’s body and brain, it is very hard to treat, and some 20% or more of people with the late stages of these diseases will never ever get well again no matter how aggressive the treatment – and it all could have been avoided had the alphabet gov’t agencies not encouraged doctors to be such dicks.

    Sorry for the ramble but I am very very sick, in a lot of pain, and very fucking angry that at 40 years old I feel like I am 115 and this all could have been avoided if only the doctors in this hyper-endemic region would acknowledge the truth about lyme and other tick borne infections and allowed me early and appropriate treatment.
    Mark my words, you will continue to see “new” diseases from ticks in “news” stories, but watch the comments sections of those articles and you will see that these things are not “new” at all, it’s just that information becomes impossible to continue to suppress sometimes.

    A few months ago, they announced Babesia as a “new” tick borne disease, but it has been sickening people for decades, and this has been known by doctors for a very long time as well.