Kitty trapped in a human body: “Otherkin”, “Catkin”, and also, BsFC!

Meow? Some creative plastic surgeons can really cash in on this one! You’ve heard of transgendered; you know the men trapped in women’s bodies and vice versa, now meet the transspecied: cats and other animals “trapped inside the bodies” of human beings! One such “person”(?), calls herself(?) a “catkin”, among other things and prefers the following pronouns be applied in reference to her(?):

chim, chimself, cher, cherself, che, chi

Blazing Cat Fur has the scoop, and invokes the part of the name of this website, HERE.



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  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Mark my
    words: one day these people(?) will be considered a “protected group” by
    our government & preferential treatment will be obligatory. Fire an
    employee for barking at customers and humping their legs? Why, that’s
    “discrimination” and a violation of that Otherkin’s civil rights and you
    will be sued!

    • gastorgrab

      Yup, only factions will exist in the progressive future. Individuals who are not members of any (liberal) recognized groups will not be acknowledged. They do not exist.

      The words ‘I’, ‘Me’, and ‘Mine’ will be considered racial slurs.

    • rmnixondeceased

      Heh. Will they have to buy licenses and provide immunization records? Will “animal control” need to have a SWAT team for them? Will they be non-prosceutable for crimes? Will they vote? Will their passports be revoked and they be required to go into isolation for 6 months before being allowed entry into the UK?
      Inquiring minds want to know!

  • John Holliday

    Let’s face it. These weirdos are nuttier than a fruitcake but are just trying to cash in on being another liberal grievance group. And why not? They’ve seen the future and socialism is it.

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  • Joan

    So is this actually happening or is this just a prediction of craziness to come?

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      The contents of the above blog post are true, it is really happening. Some people are so freaky that they don’t even consider themselves to be people anymore!

      • Joan

        I’ve heard a few things. There was a tiger man or something… I hope they are not pushing for these right yet though. Are they? My first reaction to this article and the ones it gives links to, was that it had to be satire or something.

        Either way these people all need help. :/

        • Zilla of the Resistance

          The tiger man killed himself last fall; we covered the story here at BsCN: I don’t know if the kooks formerly known as human beings are pushing for special treatment the way other now “protected” groups have done, but it would not surprise me if and when they do and it would certainly not surprise me AT ALL if in our upside down country they totally got every danged thing that they demanded.

          • Joan

            They probably will in time I agree. I just hope when they do people will see how crazy it really is. But the way the transsexuals have gone they might just get through too. :/

  • La Pucelle

    Oh God. THERIANS. I was wondering when the dextrosphere was going to find this particular brand of especiale. (That’s the actual name for them. Otherkin are “fae souls trapped in human bodies” last I recall. Also nuts, but a different brand of nut)

    Furries get accused of being Therians frequently, though only a handful of them actually are. Just wait until you come across the Otakukin.

    • rmnixondeceased

      Then there are the “Star Children” … more and more ways to feel ‘special’ and important now that there is no competition thus no excelling at anything, just a sameness of outcome, simply a prole, nothing to be proud of or anything to distinguish you from every other jack-a-nape out there … so sad really, I pity the young …

      • La Pucelle

        Now I have to share these links. Prepare to be horrified.

        A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom – I was a little skeptical of this tale at first, and it’s entirely possible the narrator was exaggerating, but enough time in the bowels of fandom taught me this is entirely plausible. Thank goodness the narrator got out.

        Saying Goodbye – Not fandom-related, but this one even better illustrates your point; Antistoicus even comments on it near the end of the whole sordid tale. (I think something to the point of “mental health problems + bad environment = desperate need for escapism”)

        The Prima Nocturne Incident – Yet more tales from Antistoicus of militant escapists.

        • rmnixondeceased

          Sadly, none of this surprises me in the least. As I near my time of return to the Father, less and less is surprising and more and more calls for fervent prayer. The evil one walks the earth and his minions destroy many lives and souls.

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      I’m almost afraid to find out about the Otakukin. I think I’ll look it up tomorrow instead of doing it tonight just in case it is nightmare fodder.

      • La Pucelle

        I know I explained it already, but rmnixondeceased correctly observed it’s an exaggerated subset of Special Snowflake Syndrome. Sufferers want to be “something more” (and are sometimes stuck in bad environments) and rather than working to better themselves or helping others, they retreat into fantasy worlds.

        • rmnixondeceased

          Oh ma cher, you can call me Dickie like my dear friend Zilla does! I am a past grand master at self deception/delusion and escapism, to the extent of ending up in federal prison and bad reputation on teh interwebz under mine own name …

          • La Pucelle

            Dickie it is!

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  • Foult

    So, would people who have sex with these transpecied individuals be charged with bestiality?! Would they demand that cat and dog litters be available to them everywhere so they can feel like their “mental state” of being when they have to potty?! So, if another transpecied individual physically assaults one of them we shouldn’t do anything about it because that’s what animals do, right?!

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      Those are all very good questions! But I have no answers at all since I am just a female human lady trapped in the body of a female human lady. 😉

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  • T1000

    I wonder what happened to all the liberals screaming “hate speech”. I mean, transgenderism is basically the same thing. Come on, where’s all the liberals screaming “hate speech”?