Eel Bum Deal For Real!

A Chinese man had to be rushed into emergency surgery after watching pornography inspired him to put a live eel up inside his rectum.

Via The Sun:

The man – from southern China – preformed the bizarre act after seeing it done in a kinky blue movie.

But the unmarried man had to rush himself to a hospital casualty unit in Guangdong province telling medics: “Please, please help me. The eel is moving through my body.”

Surgeons finally removed the 20-inch long Asian swamp eel – which weighed more than half-a-kilo – in the early hours of the morning after a lengthy treatment with drugs and medical probes.

One of the medical team explained: “The eel was simply trying to find its way out.”   MORE HERE

The things some people will do for thrills…


  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    See, even with disputes over Tibet, Richard Gere and this Chinese gentleman have something in common.

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      Oh, SNAP!