Michigan Teacher’s Union seeks $10,000 severance package for convicted sex molesting teacher Neal Erickson

Neil-Erickson-coverNeal Erickson, a former math teacher at Rose City Middle School, was convicted this summer of raping a young student over three years, from 2006 to 2009, and sentenced to 15-30 years in prison.  Union seeks to get him a $10,000 severance from the School District.

1355351221_9de2More on convicted sex offender felon teacher Neal Erickson

He asked for leniency since he got married shortly after the abuse and is raising a step daughter. “Erickson asked that Baumgartner keep in mind that after the crime happened, he got married and was raising a stepdaughter.”  Erickson’s wife does not think the boy (who was molested starting when he was in eighth grade), was harmed by the three years of abuse.  Jeanne DeAngelis at American Thinker nailed it when Erickson was sentenced:

Typically, the left operates from an amoral point of view. Then, after their wrongdoings are found out, they argue that the damage they’ve inflicted either isn’t their fault, blown out of proportion, or quantifiable on some sort of sliding scale.  Ergo, liberals, from Barack Obama on down to those who defend child rapists, are able to defer personal culpability by consistently portraying the guilty victimizer as an innocent victim


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