Ragnarok, the Scandi End of the World: So did the world end today? Update: Canada saves us from Scandi threat, truth remains Team USA hockey just collapsed at the end.

Today is Ragnarok, the Scandi End of the World. The only ending, however, was for Team USA Hockey (Finland trounced them). If Sweden beats Canada tomorrow…well then all bets are off!  Update: Canadians stop the Ragnarok threat.  

You are hurting your kids by exposing them to anthropomorphized animals reinforcing “socially dominant norms” like nuclear families and gender stereotypes.

A Raaaaacist Nuclear Family Aardvark! Update: I might have spoken too soon: I just realized that Arthur’s creators removed his natural aardvark nose and replaced it with a…well little dots for nostrils one.  And then they made him yellow with glasses…